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MDT services  - East Anglia Therapies

East Anglia Therapies is a new, innovative, joint venture between Kids Physio works, C & D Independent Speech and Language Therapy and The Great Little OT Practice. The team at East Anglia Therapies are passionate about empowering young people to be as independent as possible and they are now able to offer a complete MDT assessment package utilizing a team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. They are committed to providing seamless, interdisciplinary care and are excited to be able to offer evidenced based assessment and interventions to young people (birth to 25) as a Multidisciplinary team.


Package structure:

  • MDT assessment consisting of either joint or individual sessions in the community or at one of our therapy practices. Assessments generally consist of 1-2 sessions per profession, this is dependent upon the degree of standardized assessment tools being used.

  • All assessments will be booked in and completed within a three-week period from point of referral.

  • Once the initial assessments have been completed a single, collated MDT assessment report will be provided with suitable recommendations from each profession. This will be completed 2 weeks after the initial assessments have concluded.

  • Assessments will be untaken by a skilled member of each individual profession not necessarily Chris, Cassie or Aaron unless specifically requested.

Other therapies

If you are looking specifically for Physiotherapy and/or Speech and language therapy please contact our preferred partners via the details below.


  • Chris Smith Lead Physiotherapist


  • Cassandra Pierson Lead Speech and Language Therapist

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